[ODE] brush simulation - next steps..

Tobias Zimmer tozim at gmx.de
Thu May 17 04:36:13 MST 2007

Hi again!

Okay, I assigned a velocity to the head of the bristle instead of a  
force. Now it keeps it's track, BUT
the collision of the bristles with the box on the ground cause a  
force on the head, that it starts spinning
on it's way.

@Patrick: in your movie with the example brush, the bristles behaved  
like filaments hanging on the
head. How did you fix it in a way, that there is no force on the  
bristles at all?

Another thing about your example: You adjusted the gravity to -9.81  
downwards. Why don't the bristles
fall down?

My two example-brushes (in horizontal and vertical direction) look  
like something like jellyfish now,
but I'm feeling pretty near the point I want to get to.

Thanks very much for the help already,

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