[ODE] simple cable simulation

François Bruneau francois.bruneau49 at gmail.com
Wed May 16 06:07:50 MST 2007


I'm working on a simple cable simulation using ODE. Currently the
static behaviour is satisfactory, but trouble happens when I try to
change interactively the position of one end of the cable.

My model is simplistic: it is basically a chain of cubes connected
with ball joints.  Each ball joint's anchor is located in the middle
of the interspace between two cubes. To make each end unmovable I use
geoms without bodies. This way I get a cable suspended in the air.

When I start the simulation, the chain correctly bends and bounces
under the effect of gravity. But when I interactively move the Geom
located at one end of the cable, the chain doesn't bend to follow this

The only change I observe is when I move the end cube towards the
other end of the chain, in that case the collision is detected, and
the chain goes under the moving cube. But that's not a ball joint
related behaviour...

Does any one have successful experience of cable modelling with ODE?
Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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