[ODE] brush simulation - next steps..

Tobias Zimmer tozim at gmx.de
Tue May 15 04:24:38 MST 2007

Hi again!

First I have a question those of you could answer, who will answer me  
anyway ;)
How long do you carry out discussions here on the list? Do you rather  
switch into
private dialogue or do you keep on exchanging ideas over the mailing  

Well, now to the point:

I have implemented something similar to the video Patrick Enoch has done
(thanks again by the way!). I used 4 joints over the total length of  
1 of the bristles
and they already look pretty flexible. I started to simulation, one  
like the one in
the video, where the brush moves vertically and one where it moves  

This is IMHO the best way to determine the right values for the  
BUT I have met some problems:

1. How can I switch off the texture of the plane? I only want to show  
a box and
the brush above, which moves either up and down or from the left to  
the right.
Therefore I don't need the plane and it is only a distraction!

2. How can I keep the position of the ground_box fixed? First I just  
added an
oszillating force to the brush, but after the first contact it was  
pushed back and flew
away into the eternal heaven of the ODE-space. Then I added a  
contrary force,
which pulls it towards the box at the ground, but when contacting,  
the brush pushes
away the box through the ground. Not my intention.

That much by now. I guess The next big step will be the restoring  
forces, but
that is an entirely different story and will be told at another time.


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