[ODE] Cylinder-box collision

Yaman yamanc at gmail.com
Mon May 14 13:01:20 MST 2007

The test_boxstack.cpp code always core dumps when the related code is
modified this way, with random positionoing turned off so that they
fall on top of themselves, when you drop a box, then a cylinder on top
of it or vice versa. Any ideas on howto fix this, or the possible
cause? (The radius value below 0.196 causes this things, 0.196 is ok).
Using ode-0.8, tried the latest svn version too.

if (cmd == 'b') {
dMassSetBox (&m,DENSITY,sides[0],0.3,0.3);
obj[i].geom[0] = dCreateBox (space,0.3,0.3,0.3);
else if (cmd == 'y') {
dMassSetCylinder (&m,DENSITY,3,0.195,0.3);
obj[i].geom[0] = dCreateCylinder (space,0.195,0.3);

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