[ODE] How to compose complex physical scene from given 3D Max graphical scene, using ODE objects?

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Mon May 14 04:57:36 MST 2007

Dmitry Medvedev wrote:
>  Hello, everybody.
>  I want to use ode for physics simulation in a 3D game like Humster Ball, where we have a 3D level, made of many roofs, trampolines, propellers, a lot of curvative hills and other surfaces. 
>  The question is how to present such huge variety of complex curved objects with simple ODE objects like cylinders, boxes, spheres. 
>  Does anybody had such a dilemma: either use ODE meshes to present all this or write a tool to assemble a physical part of a level with simple ODE objects. What way is preferable anyway?

I approximate the visual geometry with a collection of ODE geometries.
This works fine in my physics based game www.sturmbahnfahrer.com


>  Thank you.
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