[ODE] How to compose complex physical scene from given 3D Max graphical scene, using ODE objects?

Dmitry Medvedev pegasi at inbox.ru
Mon May 14 03:28:12 MST 2007

 Hello, everybody.

 I want to use ode for physics simulation in a 3D game like Humster Ball, where we have a 3D level, made of many roofs, trampolines, propellers, a lot of curvative hills and other surfaces. 
 The question is how to present such huge variety of complex curved objects with simple ODE objects like cylinders, boxes, spheres. 
 Does anybody had such a dilemma: either use ODE meshes to present all this or write a tool to assemble a physical part of a level with simple ODE objects. What way is preferable anyway?

 Thank you.

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