[ODE] Moving trimesh mysteriously locked at origin

Shamyl Zakariya shamyl at zakariya.net
Fri May 11 12:20:21 MST 2007

I've tried to imeplement moving trimeshes per  
demo_moving_trimesh.cpp. The only trimesh specific code in that demo  
seems to be the call to dGeomTriMeshSetLastTransform, as well as  
dMassSetTrimesh, and I've implemented both ( as far as I can tell )  

The trouble is, my trimeshes immediately lock at the origin with an  
identity rotation and that's that. They still participate in  
collision detection as well as ray intersection, but they simply  
won't move, even if I apply forces to them.

Is there anything anybody recognizes about this, such that I might  
fix it? I'm not getting any error messages from ODE, so there's no  
leads for me to track down.

For what it's worth, when treating my trimeshes as static, they work  
correctly. They can be positioned, things collide with them  
correctly, etc etc. It's just when a body is attached that things go  
wonky. So I guess the real question here is, what is the best way to  
make a bodied trimesh? What's the magic incantation that makes it  
different than some other bodied shape like a capsule or a box?


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