[ODE] high accuracy cable physics

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Thu May 10 06:14:27 MST 2007


> Hi Remi, 
> El Thursday 19 April 2007 17:46:44 escribió:
>> I will have to lift heavy load for variable length cable. Almost done
>> with a new joint I made.
>> (slider with universal)
> did you contribute this joint to the ode library? If not, would you mind 
> sharing it with me, or just givnig me some advice on how to add a new joint.
I will put the patch for the new joint on the Source forge web site.

In currently in a testing phase. So in the new week or two the I should 
be able to send the patch.

> I've considered doing my own joint several times, but i didn't try yet.
To create a new joint it is not obvious but it is not too hard. An 
article (in pdf) on Russ web site and looking at the function GetInfo2 
will help.

>> I tried ball and universal and my choicee went to universal.
>> I set the limits to -0 and 0 and add a small FMax so there is a little
>> resistance to binding/folding.
> I don't remember if I asked this before.... did you use an AMotor?
No since internally a universal joint has motor on its 2 axes.

So you can set velocity,  FMax, etc


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