[ODE] how to set dParamvel exactly in dJointSetHinge2Param?

Ava Wang avawang at lusiosoft.com
Tue May 8 22:36:24 MST 2007

   I'm an user of ode engine .I 've a problem with functiong void dJointSetHinge2Param (dJointID, int parameter, dReal value),in this function ,we want to set the values as below  to parameter.

      dParamVel Desired motor velocity (this will be an angular or linear velocity). 
      dParamFMax The maximum force or torque that the motor will use to achieve the desired velocity. This must always be greater than or equal to zero. Setting this to zero (the default value) turns off the motor. 

Now, I would like to set dParamVel to parameter,but I don't know  the value is an angular or linear velocity in the end ,and what is its unit? m/s or r/s?

The same as above,when parameter takes dParamFMax ,  the value is force or torque in the end ,and what is its unit? N or N.S?
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