[ODE] mass of collisions - imagine a brush

Tobias Zimmer tozim at gmx.de
Tue May 8 15:00:29 MST 2007


I am new to this list and started working with ODE some time ago.  
Luckily the mailing list works now and
at last I could subscribe.

Well, to the problem:

I want to simulate something like a brush. That leads to two problems:

- flexibility of the bristles
- collision of the bristles

I thought about solving the first problem with universal joints along  
the bristle, which is build by cylinders with very
small radius. With LoStopParam=0 and a very small HiStop that should  
somehow work like flexible then.

To the second question, the collision. The bristles of the brush are  
all connected to the head. So first I've put all
in one geom, because they collide with the ground all together. But  
what about the collisions between the bristles?
Do I have to use one seperate geom for any bristle or is it possible  
to combine all of them in one geom and then
build a second geom for each of them?

Has anybody worked with something like that yet or perhaps some ideas?

Help would be really appreciated!


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