[ODE] PyOde Newbie: how to input "keyframed animation" from my 3D software to ODE

david vandergucht mister_t at gawab.com
Tue May 8 02:31:45 MST 2007

Hi guys !
I'm new to ODE, but it seems great!
I'm trying to make PyOde work with Autodesk MotionBuilder, which has Python
The Ode lib launch correctly and i'm able to launch some pyode script and
get the value back to motionbuilder.
But now, i'm trying to make a dynamic chain with ODE, in which the root of
this chain is driven by an object animated with keyframes in
which value are needed from my 3D software ? position ? velocity ? both ?
how should i pass it to ODE ? do i have to create a body and apply force to
it ? how to calculate the force ? how to deal with gravity ?
Do you guys have some cool samples of pyode script, and a more exaustive
doc of this wrapping, i have the feeling that some feature available in the
lib are not listed in the doc (like body.addForce for example, or some body
gravity stuff present in the ODE doc but not in Pyode doc)

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