[ODE] dJointGetHinge2Angle2

LR logreg at free.fr
Thu May 3 04:15:16 MST 2007

In the hinge2 code we can see:
static dReal measureHinge2Angle (dxJointHinge2 *joint)
  dVector3 a1,a2;
  dMULTIPLY0_331 (a1,joint->node[1].body->posr.R,joint->axis2);
  dMULTIPLY1_331 (a2,joint->node[0].body->posr.R,a1);
  dReal x = dDOT(joint->v1,a2);
  dReal y = dDOT(joint->v2,a2);
  return -dAtan2 (y,x);

This code is called to know the vertical axis angle. Does someone know how
to get the angle of the horizontal axis ?
I saw in the archive mails that it is a recurent question ... then if
someone know how to do it will help a lot of ode users :)
Thank you
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