[ODE] Hinge2 lo-hi limits

LR logreg at free.fr
Tue May 1 15:34:29 MST 2007

Ok i think i understand what appends 
For exemple lo = -178, hi =178
In fact the rotationnal highspeed of my arm make the arm is 
Time1: before the hi limit (around 175°) and,
Time2: after the limit (183 °) 
Then, (i think), the joint is not able to understant 183° is 5° too much and
interpret that like -177° -> the hi stop is not applyed because the new
angle is a good value for the low limit ...
in fact, when lo and hi are near (exemple -178,+178), if rotational speed is
too high then joint does not 'see' that limit has been exceeded 
Some one can confirm ?


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Set the both limits twice and you got the result. It is because the limits
have to be consistent all the time, so a higher limit mustn't be lower than
the lower limit and vice versa. You can solve this problem also by checking
the direction of change of the limits and choose the corresponding order of
limit function calls.

Descending limits: 1. set lower, 2. then set upper
Ascending limits: 1. set upper, 2. then set lower stop param.



LR wrote: 

I've a problem with the hinge 2 vertical axis limits. It seems that when
lo=-177° , hi=177° it works fine but when lo=-178°, hi=178, limits are
First i saw that because lo=-180, hi=180 disabled limits. (of courses angles
are in radians!!)
Does someone know that or i miss something ? 
Thank you for your help

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