[ODE] Body test in dJointGetSliderPosition

LR logreg at free.fr
Thu Mar 22 03:25:52 MST 2007


For official developers, i think it should be great to add a "body!=NULL"
test in the  dReal dJointGetSliderPosition (dJointID j) function:

dReal dJointGetSliderPosition (dJointID j)


dxJointSlider* joint = (dxJointSlider*)j;

dUASSERT(joint,"bad joint argument");

dUASSERT(joint->vtable == &__dslider_vtable,"joint is not a slider");

if (joint->node[0].body) {    // *** <------- the test ***

// get axis1 in global coordinates



Because now, it crashes when slider is not attached. In fact this test is
already done in dJointGetHingeAngleRate for exemple. it should be
interesting to generalize this tests for joints.



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