[ODE] Bahaviour of disabled geoms attached to body ?

Pawel Kmiotek lewapq at tlen.pl
Wed Mar 7 14:08:40 MST 2007


I have a question about behaviour of disabled geoms attached to body.

Here is the situation:

There is a RayGeom encapsulated in TranformGeom. TransformGeom is 
attached to the enagled body. RayGeom is disabled and/or TranformGeom as 

Now I would like to found out if it is possible that dSpaceCollide and 
dSpaceCollide2 will ignore that RayGeom or not.

I found in documentation that disabled geoms are ignored by dSpaceXXXXX 

I tried it and it seems that disabled geoms are still taken into accout 
when they are attached to te body, like in the mentioned situation.

Here is my real situation :

I try to create a rayCastSensor. But this sensor will have up to let's 
say 1000 rays. Each ray has the same lenght but different orientation.
I would like to create something like LIDAR.

To save a computation time I tried to create volume box geom which tests 
if there is any object in the covered regon. If so, I test (dCollide) 
which rays collides with objects in the regon. I don't let dSpaceXXXX 
check for collisions since not all collisions between Ray and TriMesh 
are not always found.

So reasuming if there is no object in the regon I would like to disable 
rays, if there is something test collisions ( enabling rays ).

Please let me know if you have any ideas, how to solve this.


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