[ODE] Friction and Collision.

Michael Anderson christiancoder at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 17:17:15 MST 2007

I have a simulation with default ERP and CFM using a fixed time step of
0.01s. I am playing around with contact parameters using capsules. If I set
the friction coefficient to dInfinity all works as I would expect, but if I
set the friction coefficient to 0 I get undesired collision penetration and
corrective forces. I have played with the CFM and ERP values finding that
increasing CFM causes the capsules to pass through each other and increasing
ERP causes stronger (undesired) corrective forces. Is this the expected
behaviour and if it is: is there anything I can do to avoid the collision
penetration (other than decreasing my time step and slowing down my
objects)? Also does Bullet's continuous collision detection help avoid these
types of problems?
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