[ODE] Question about joint

Tor ... aramboy at kittymail.com
Sat Mar 3 19:53:50 MST 2007

Hi, this is the first post for me. If there is any mistake, sorry for that.

I have searched for my problem and saw that someone already post it but there are no answer.

I'm using ode in legged robot simulator.
I use hinge joint to build robot's leg but I have faced these problem 

1. bodies that attached by joint are oscillate (slip) although I'm not apply any force or any movement. I think it's joint error problem, so I set ERP to 0.8 or 1.0 and CFM to 0.0 but it's still not stable. How can I solve this problem.

2. I construct the robot legs(which composed of many body for each) at the center coordinate. How can I move them to the desired position because I use the same function to construct 2 legs and have to set it in different position.

Thanks in advance.

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