[ODE] Convex/TriMesh collisions?

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Fri Mar 2 18:06:02 MST 2007


>Should I expect convex/convex collisions to work in 0.8?
No. But you can expect them to work in 0.9, using Bullet. 


Mark Williams writes: 

>> I don't think this is well supported at the moment,
>> but one of the reasons of releasing ODE 0.8 is to prepare for addition of 
>> Bullet collision detection,
>> which supports convex versus trimesh. 
>> Erwin
>> http://bulletphysics.com 
> OK, thanks for the info! 
> I've also noticed some problems with Convex/Convex collisions, but it's 
> trickly to tell whether or not I'm passing the correct data to 
> dCreateConvex as I can't find any documentation for it. 
> I'm using qhull to generate my hulls, which produces plane 
> normals/offsets, points, and polygon lists, but I've no idea if the 
> vertex IDs for the polys need to be specified in any particular order. 
> I've tried the order that comes directly from qhull's FOREACHvertex_, 
> and the reverse order, but neither seem to give results which are 
> anything close to being stable. 
> Should I expect convex/convex collisions to work in 0.8? 
> Thanks, 
> Mark 
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