[ODE] Joint friction?

yyd_iris@yahoo.com yyd_iris at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 22 19:32:03 MST 2007


I create a Hinge joint between two bodies(composed of
Mesh Gemo), and use dJointAddHingeTorque to apply
torques to the joint. I have to assert a large torque
(compare to body mass) to be able to move the bodies.
Is the friction so big? How can I remove the friction
effect? I have eliminated gravity effects. 

dParamFMax is 250, 
dParamVel is default 0. 
Global CFM is 0 (changing it to a small number does
not help)
Global ERP is 0.2
dBody Linear/Angular Vel are default 0.

Thank you!


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