[ODE] ODE spatial inconsistency

Daniel K. O. danielko.listas at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 15:03:26 MST 2007

Marcin Pilat escreveu:
> can run in.  For my simulation, if I know that my world will be say  
> 1000 units by 1000 units, I can calculate how many decimal places I  
> need to get the proper # of digits (say for double precision) and  
> round everything off to that much so that everything is done  
> consistently.
> Any other suggestions for this?

If you are willing do spend some time at it, you could try using GNU MP:
It may require some tweaking to get it working on ODE though.

More than once I thought about adding a dGMP (other than dSINGLE and
dDOUBLE), to make calculations using "mpf_class". But getting the
epsilons right might be difficult. I'll give it a try next time I have
some free time.

Daniel K. O.
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