[ODE] ODE spatial inconsistency

Marcin Pilat pilat at cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Wed Jun 20 19:07:49 MST 2007

Hmm... I think I came up with a solution.

But first, a question: what is the error on an ODE step?

It seems that using a step of 0.01, the error is about 1.0e-6, so if  
after every step I take, I round off all the positions and  
orientations of all my bodies to 1.0e-6, the simulation (at leas the  
test one) produces consistent results.  I always assumed that the  
error of ODE is the dEpsilon value, but that is e-12 with double  

Which brings me to my second question, if the error is so high, why  
not make ode round off the error so that the behaviour of the engine  
is consistent?

Any thoughts?


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