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Antoine Beyeler abeyeler at dplanet.ch
Wed Jun 20 02:23:30 MST 2007

Jon: no offence, but I'm not sure that's what the OP was looking for.

I've not a very long experience in sensor modelling, but I know of  
people achieving reasonable success at implementing infra-red  
proximity sensors using a small number of rays (less than 5-10).  
There is in general a dependance on the material on which the IR is  
reflected, though.

For infra-red triangulation-based distance sensor (e.g. the ones from  
sharp), a single ray should be sufficient alongside a noise model and  
a non-linear output mapping.

For sonar it may be slightly more complicated since the aperture  
angle is usually larger and the output is usually proportional to the  
smallest distance within the aperture. Both of these issues call for  
a significantly larger number of rays. If you have 3D rendering built- 
in your software, you may consider modelling the sonar using the z- 
buffer of a camera with similar aperture angle, basically outputting  
the smallest distance from the z-buffer. If you want to go this way,  
I can provide some code example (OT to this list though).


On 20 juin 07, at 00:53, Jon Watte (ODE) wrote:

> Neither Sonar nor Infra-red is something that ODE simulates. You
> typically use image-based methods for that. Go look at the CGFX  
> library
> from NVIDIA, for example, to write shaders that emulate image-based
> methods and run on the GPU.
> Cheers,
>           / h+
> Gustavo Pessin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am starting with ode and i have develop some stuff... but I iet
>> don't know how to develop anithing with more than 1 ray. Have someone
>> a sample of how use it ? (like a sonar or a infra-red?)
>> Thank you
>> G. Pessin
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