[ODE] Locked space

Chris Spencer chrisspen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 10:52:03 MST 2007

That sounds like a similar problem I was having. The "locked space"
error happens when two or more threads try to modify the space at the
same time. Make sure you're only modifying the space from one thread.
I solved this problem by simply controlling access to my space with a
global lock.


On 6/18/07, Vic Ulis <vulh102 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> well, i got my simulation to work.
>  so, ive begun with the next step - triggers
>  every entity has a rigid body
>  and a pointer to a trigger
>  in my collision callback if the bodies has a trigger
>  if they have a trigger i send the event and then i bail with return.
>  when having this configuration it crashes becouse of a locked space error
> in a raycast function.
>  when removing the trigger test it works...
>  so, i would think that it could be that i call dCollide and generate
> contact points (to check if there are accually a collision) and then dont
> use them,
>  leading to a memory leak or worse.
>  anyone have any ideas?
>  ( btw, my app should be thread safe )
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