[ODE] ODE Message 3: LCP internal error, s <=0 (s=-2.0480e+02)

Benjamin von Eicken benjamin.von.eicken at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 05:23:29 MST 2007


so as mentioned as subject I have a problem with that internal error.
On the WiKi page I just found an explanation for s=0.
I do not know why this occurs.
I've tried to change forces and weights to overcome this
error but it still occurs.
When I missed some explanation on the list or on the
page I am sorry for that, I didn't found anything.

So what is the reason for this error and how can I fix it?
Right now my robot does not like it and is a bit bumpy.
At worst case the simulated robot jumps some meters
up in the air.

best greetings

Benjamin von Eicken
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