[ODE] Quickstep and patents

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Thu Jun 7 13:18:11 MST 2007

The PhysX SDK is free. If you target Windows, your worst option would be 
to just use that, it seems?

Also, if there's really a case of big-guy-against-little-guy and there 
IS clear prior art, then the FSF might be interested in getting 
involved. However, patents are notoriously hard to read as a layman, 
every word in the claims matters. I haven't read the patent, but it's 
quite possible that all this kerfuffle isn't necessarily justified.


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metanet software wrote:
> hi,
> my intention wasn't to start a debate as to the validity of software 
> patents, etc -- while that's an important subject, I'm more interested 
> in the pragmatic side: Ageia holds patents and could use them, and the 
> simple reality is that if they were to do so, our current project 
> and/or our studio will be lost.
> At the same time, in order to avoid running this risk we'd be forced 
> to invest considerable effort into re-developing similar, but 
> non-infringing, technology. So, I'm trying to figure out what to 
> recommend to my partners. In order to make this decision I need to 
> establish just how much risk there is that Ageia will sue.
> I definitely agree that the patents should be considered worthless, 
> however without $1M to throw away challenging it, the existence of 
> prior art is moot.
> If anyone does have any information about the AAA titles that have 
> used ODE, I'd really like to hear about it -- from the current 
> responses I'm assuming that Ageia hasn't approached any ODE projects 
> concerning this patent, or that if they have, confidentiality 
> agreements have been put in place.
> thanks again,
> raigan
> */"Daniel K. O." <danielko.listas at gmail.com>/* wrote:
>     metanet software escreveu:
>     > but prior art is only going to help if I can afford to go to
>     court, which I can't.
>     That's a relevant point. ODE is currently "orphaned". If it were
>     attacked by lawsuits, who could stand up? Would Russell Smith
>     fight for
>     a project he isn't actively involved anymore?
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