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my intention wasn't to start a debate as to the validity of software patents, etc -- while that's an important subject, I'm more interested in the pragmatic side: Ageia holds patents and could use them, and the simple reality is that if they were to do so, our current project and/or our studio will be lost. 

At the same time, in order to avoid running this risk we'd be forced to invest considerable effort into re-developing similar, but non-infringing, technology. So, I'm trying to figure out what to recommend to my partners. In order to make this decision I need to establish just how much risk there is that Ageia will sue.

I definitely agree that the patents should be considered worthless, however without $1M to throw away challenging it, the existence of prior art is moot.

If anyone does have any information about the AAA titles that have used ODE, I'd really like to hear about it -- from the current responses I'm assuming that Ageia hasn't approached any ODE projects concerning this patent, or that if they have, confidentiality agreements have been put in place.

thanks again,

"Daniel K. O." <danielko.listas at gmail.com> wrote: metanet software escreveu:
> but prior art is only going to help if I can afford to go to court, which I can't.

That's a relevant point. ODE is currently "orphaned". If it were
attacked by lawsuits, who could stand up? Would Russell Smith fight for
a project he isn't actively involved anymore?

Daniel K. O.
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