[ODE] Quickstep and patents

Patrick Enoch Hendrix_ at gmx.net
Thu Jun 7 07:13:59 MST 2007

Hello all,

this is really funny!

How exactly do these patents work? Is only the *full interaction of  
all parts* patented (e.g. SOR + Systemmatrix + Mass-matrix), or *all  
single parts seperately*?

For each single part, there should be thousands of references BEFORE  
2004. For example, Gauss-Seidel originates at least back to 1855  
(that is when Gauss died), SOR is a modification also known a long time.

Massmatrix should be covered in any "applied engineering" book  
covering physical properties.

"Jacobian" of joint-freedoms, OMG how old is that exactly? I think  
the introduction of lambda is a smart move, but there should be a  
reference for that, too. BTW, Mr. Jacobi died 1851.

Best regards,

On 06.06.2007, at 21:46, metanet software wrote:

> hi,
> I'm working on a physics solver, and have recently discovered that  
> several well-known techniques are in fact patented. I'm eager to  
> opensource my project, however doing so will make it obvious what  
> methods i'm using, and one of them is definitely patented.
> From discussion on the Bullet forums, it appears that Ageia holds a  
> patent related to ODE's quickstep solver: http://www.patentstorm.us/ 
> patents/7079145-claims.html
> Has there been any trouble with these patents and ODE? I'm thinking  
> specifically about the various big-budget commercial games released  
> with ODE.. did Ageia extract any sort of licensing/blackmail fees  
> from the developers?
> I'm just trying to get a sense of whether Ageia actually enforces  
> these ridiculous patents or they're just there to make them look  
> good in stockholders' eyes.
> thanks,
> raigan
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