[ODE] camera vs world collision detection

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Mon Jul 30 11:38:21 MST 2007

Geoms are never disabled. Bodies are disabled.

If you want to collide your geom against the world, call 
dSpaceCollide2() with the geom as one argument, and your world space as 
the other (if memory serves).

Matthias Ferch wrote:
> hi!
> i've integrated ODE in my project and it is working fine. now i'd like 
> to add camera vs world collision detection. i want to manually 
> translate/rotate the camera, not apply forces. so what i need is a geom 
> that is never deactivated, even if auto-disable is turned on and that is 
> not affected by any forces if it collides with another geom - it should 
> just not be able to pass through. how can i manage that?
> thanks in advance, matthias
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