[ODE] Representing external simulation objects in ODE on a trajectory

Devrim Erdem devrim.erdem at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 08:00:34 MST 2007


Is it possible to move a rigid body object on a trajectory ? An external
simulations computes the position&velocity of a body. I want to represent
this object as a rigid body in my ODE environment with this data. I will
also need to create some other rigid bodies in ODE which have to collide
with this object and even rest on it. The FAQ suggests against setting the
position and velocity of a rigid body externally at each step.

P.S. I assume moving collision geometries will not be good if my rigid
bodies are resting on the object. I guess if the underlying body moves or
tilts, the rigid bodies will not slide down or moved by this motion (which I
want to have).

I wanted to hear your opinions before I dive into coding.


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