[ODE] Drawstuff vs. stack size?

Tobias Zimmer tozim at gmx.de
Sat Jul 28 03:52:33 MST 2007

Hello again!

I just tried to compile the next version of my construct which differs 
from it's predecessor by
~2500 little cylinders, which I connected as bristles of a brush.

First ODE had a stack overflow, but when I set /STACK: reserve and 
:commit to 10000000,
the simulation worked, including the rendering by drawstuff. Everything 
a bit slow, but working.

But if I try to move the brush, which would result in an impact on the 
little cylinders, the simulation
stops and the debugger shows me a problem with the "setTransform" in the 
drawstuff.cpp. I guess
the behaviour of the cylinders thus is calculated correctly, but it's 
too much for the drawstuff
rendering. If I just don't "draw" the cylinders though using them, 
everything works alright!

So, what could this be about? Does the rendering need an even bigger 
stack? But why don't I
get a stack overflow error than?

This would lead to a following question: What could I use instead of 
drawstuff? I know it's
kind of a small subset of OpenGL. If anybody works with alternatives to 
Drawstuff, which
look better, offer more possibilites and might be faster, I would really 
be glad for some hints!

desperately wasting a saturday,

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