[ODE] How ODE calculate contact frictions?

Huang Rubby rubbybaby at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 12:03:59 MST 2007

>From ODE manual, first ODE computes the normal forces assuming that all the
contacts are frictionless via Baraff's method. Then it computes the maximum
limits *f**m* for the friction (tangential) forces from *f**m* = *mu* * | *f
**N* |. and then proceeds to solve for the entire system with these fixed
So ODE computes frictionless normal forces first by solving a LCP via
Baraff's method, and then get friction limit by mu.
friction limit will be OK for sliding contacts but I don't know how ODE
computes frictions at rolling contacts? seems any value
within above limits will satisfy all the constraints.
Any idea is appreciated.

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