[ODE] Quake 3 Engine

AndreasOtten AndreasOtten at quakeit.de
Wed Jul 18 08:26:39 MST 2007

my name is Andreas (Landix)
I hope i can do the post here!?

i am the founder of  Geoball a BALL game like Balance or MarbleMadnesss.
You can watch our side here:
It based on the Quake 3 engine

We are searching for a coder, who can help us with physics.
We want that the Player can push some boxes to solve puzzle maps.
And may be the Player can do some other things with physics :) when it 
is possible.

everybody is welcome to join us.
We want to make a really great game with much potential.

We got 8 Members for maps models textures at the moment, but we need 
really a coder to bring us some physics in.

This must be a good advertising possibility for ODE,  too?

We working with a SVN. You can look at our rep here:


I hope someone is interested in this!?

We want to make a good game with ca. 60 Maps, ca. 10 are ready yet....
Without physics in the moment.

Here is a little screen:

More are at our project site www.q3geoball.quakeit.de

Thx for reading my Mail

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