[ODE] code quality again

Mark Williams mark at image-engine.com
Mon Jul 16 10:36:09 MST 2007

Remi Ricard wrote:
> Hi,
>>> There are two problems facing ODE, or any fundamentally hard open source 
>>> project:
>>> 1) Solid physics simulation is actually a hard problem that requires 
>>> significant rigor. Such rigor is actually not commonly found among open 
>>> source developers or hobbyists.
> Looking at software using ODE there is lots of paid programmer looking 
> or at least using it. If some of them use 1hrs a week/month to improve 
> and send patch for ODE the code base can be improved quickly and this 
> will create some momentum.

Sure, but there might be contractual reasons why they're unable to make 
contributions to open source software.

>> What if  patches were reviewed in some way before inclusion in the 
>> repository? If going back and 'restyling' much of ODE is too 
>> inconvenient for reasons already discussed on the previous thread might 
>> it be worthwhile just to make sure things don't get any worse?
> And maybe the programming with CVS access can reformat the surrounding 
> of the patch.

Yup, but it would be nice if greater attention were given to naming of 
functions, variables, etc. It's far easier for developers themselves to 
take care of this before submitting the patch.

>> Also it seems like this mailing list is the primary means of 
>> communication regarding all aspects of ODE - what if greater use were 
>> made of the bug/feature/patch trackers in SourceForge?
> Some people with cvs access should review patch on SF. Some of the patch 
> are really old.
What if some more developers were granted access?


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