[ODE] ODE with non-penetration constraint

Nguyen Binh ngbinh at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 13:14:51 MST 2007

> The ODE solves only at the velocity level. Note
> that even when you fully satisfied the velocity constraints, you still
> can end up with violated position constraints (e.g. because of high
> angular velocities). The ODE deals with this using Baumgarte
> stabilization. Erin Catto's has a nice presentaion about this at
> www.gphysics.com.

Because ODE solve for the contact forces so the constraints will be
satisfied at velocity level.
But in a velocity-impulse contact model will solve for contact impulses so
it will maintain the constraints *exactly* at position level and you don't
need Baumgarte stabilization which adds stiffness to the system.

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