[ODE] Collision without response (area triggers)

Nguyen Binh ngbinh at gmail.com
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Write your own nearCallback function. In there you will be notified when any
pairs are colliding. Then you can decide to response or not by setting up a

On 7/12/07, Jose Marin <jose_marin2 at yahoo.com.br> wrote:
> Hi.
> It's possible to create objects (boxes, cylinders, etc) in ODE that
> detects when some other object touches it, or even penetrates it, but
> without responding to this collision?
> I need to create "area triggers" .
> When the player touches or enters on one of these areas, a collision is
> detected and one event is sent.
> I need to allow the player to remain "inside" the area trigger, for
> example, a room, or a plate on the ground.
> The problem is how to detect that an object it's touching or inside
> another one, but the two objects don't affect one each other.
> Thanks for any tip!
> Jose
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