[ODE] code quality again

Gero Müller gero.mueller at cloo.de
Tue Jul 10 05:55:30 MST 2007

Hello ODE Developers and contributors.

I am a bit disappointed by ODEs code quality. It is often very cryptic
and hacked in. A couple of times i sat down and wanted to fix things,
but resigned quickly  because the code was too hard to read and

For example the new trimesh code (sorry Francisco León!) is hacked into
ODE without even caring about floats and doubles. The code is a mess,
the Makefiles arent adapted and so on.

I think it is a pitty because of this i actually consider using another
library. Which is not worth mentioning as my project is too small, but
it MAY reflect other possibile users/contributers opinion as well. So
PLEASE increase code quality before patches are merged.


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