[ODE] new ODE 0.8 heightfield seems working wrong

Dmitry Medvedev pegasi at inbox.ru
Wed Jan 31 09:25:03 MST 2007

  Hello, everybody.

 Just change ODE from 0.7 to 0.8-rc1.

 I have a scrolling screen in XoY plane with a moving truck and use dHeightfield to represent a landscape. 
  Truck's wheels are falling under the heightfiled now... but I didn't change anything in my code.
 In a new heightfield source code all changes are only in private functions and data, all interface functions like dGeomHeightfieldDataBuildSingle() have the same code like in 0.7. So what could happened?
 (If to build ODE 0.8 and copy to its sources heightfield.cpp, heightfield.h from 0.7 aeverything works)

  Here is a part of a creating heightfield code:

      mHeightMapDataID = dGeomHeightfieldDataCreate();

    // configure a heightfield
        mHeightMapSampleData, 0, // based on this instance of data, no duplication
        worldCorner2[0]-worldCorner1[0], // total x dimension
        worldCorner2[2]-worldCorner1[2], // total z dimensions
        mHeightMapSampleCount, 2, // cell count on x,z
        REAL( 1.0 ), REAL( 0.0 ), // scale, offset
        REAL( 0.1 ), 0); // // thickness, wrap

              // set finite AABB
    dGeomHeightfieldDataSetBounds( mHeightMapDataID, worldCorner1[1], worldCorner2[1] );

    // the height field is movable, y is the height, we position it around z=0 axis
    mHeightFieldGeom = dCreateHeightfield( mGroundSpace, mHeightMapDataID, 1);

    My system has Y axis increasing from top to bottom, so rotate heightfield geometry 180 degrees about Z axis:

    dMatrix3 R;
    dRSetIdentity( R );
    dRFromAxisAndAngle( R, 0, 0, 1, DEGTORAD * 180 );
    dGeomSetRotation( mHeightFieldGeom, R );

    Place geometry in the center of world's X axis and at the bottom of it. 
    dVector3 posHeightMap;
    posHeightMap[0]= (worldCorner1[0]+worldCorner2[0])/2.0f;
    posHeightMap[1]= worldCorner2[1]; // bottom of world
    posHeightMap[2]= 0.0f;
    dGeomSetPosition( mHeightFieldGeom, posHeightMap[0], posHeightMap[1], posHeightMap[2] );

 So why mu truck begun to fall in a heightfield?

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