[ODE] Ray - TriMesh collision Problem - Help request

Pawel Kmiotek lewapq at tlen.pl
Wed Jan 31 03:12:10 MST 2007

Hello !

I have problems with Ray vs Trimesh collision.

I'm tring to implement a sensor ( range finder ) based on rays. Thus I 
only detect collisions but do nothing about it.

Below there are links to screenshots represent correct collision 
detection and incorect one.

The almost-cube building is a Box while the more-rectangular one is a 
TriMesh. As you can see collision with box always produces correct 
collisions, while trimesh not.

I've used OgreOde with ODE-0.7 and 0DE-0.8-rc1. I hoped that version 0.8 
  will bring me a resolution but nothing of that kind. I have also found 
in the mailing list archives comment:

  "The GIMPACT code seems to work, there is only an issue left with:
which as far as I know is not solved yet"

OgreOde uses mentioned funtion to create a trimesh. May it be a source 
of my problems ?



Maybe the following problem were already covered somewhere but I haven't 
found any relevant information.

I would be grateful for any piece of advice how to solve the problem.

Best regards,

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