[ODE] Anybody knows about good tutorials!

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Well, on the site, there is a wiki with some good information:

If you download the src project files, you will see a slew of test
applications with full source.  This is probably the best place to start.
Start with some of the simplier ones and just start playing around.  It's
not hard, theres just a small learning curve, but everything makes sense.

Except trimesh collisions :) I'm working on that now.


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Hello mailing list!

I've just been introduced to ODE and unfortunatly I'm not able to find my 
way easily around it.

I have a fare understanding of what physics engines are (I used havok with 
Director lingo) but now I'm planning to create a car simulation using c++ 
under linux.

Now my question for the time being is how to create a fixed body (as 
opposite to a rigid body) in my scene?

Also I wander if anybody can point me out to good tutorials for ODE for a 
total newbie like my case to start up with?

Many thanks in advance!

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