[ODE] Cross-Compilation on MIPS

Thomas Yeh tomyeh at CS.UCLA.EDU
Mon Jan 29 11:25:34 MST 2007

1pm would work. I may be a little late too due to a meeting before, so 
we'll just say around 1:15pm.

On Mon, 29 Jan 2007, Nathan Beckmann wrote:

> Hello ODE Mailing List,
> I am trying to cross-compile ODE for MIPS. I am running into trouble with
> the configure script. It will reach the part where it tests if 'double
> precision is requested', and then it will spit out an error like 'Can't run
> tests while cross-compiling' and terminate. As far as I understand, this
> eliminates cross compilation entirely from the ODE build process. How can I
> cross-compile for MIPS?
> I am compiling ODE 0.7 on an i686-pc-linux-gnu installation.
> Thank you,
> - Nathan

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