[ODE] question about plane constraint

tanglihua821229@sjtu.edu.cn tanglihua821229 at sjtu.edu.cn
Sun Jan 28 08:11:29 MST 2007

Hello, everybody

I want to make an object move with plane constraint to another object, for example , the track segment relative to the tank chassis. The track should be kept from slipping from wheels, so plane constraint is needed.

I want to use a ball joint and release two position freedoms, but how can i code it? How to release two freedoms? I have no idea. Shall I define a new joint myself?

I also have a look at the ODE example test_plane2D. Can I alternatively use this new joint type? According to the example, this joint seems attach a body with the static environment, can it be used to attach two moving bodies?

Can any oder give me some hints? Thank you very much and I appreciate your kindness!

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