[ODE] ODE physics part in a game engine

michael kapelko kornerr at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 10:08:55 MST 2007

I see the same question had been asked here: 
And back in 2001 by J. Perkins :)
The first answer to create matrix i^n is very hard and memory consuming...
Well, after thinking a bit the most reasonable way to accomplish 
different materials collision handling is to simply sum corresponding 
parameters and process contact.
Suppose we have a wooden ball.
wb.bounce = 0.3;
wb.slip = 100;
wb.mu = dInfinity;
Suppose we have a wooden floor:
wf.bounce = 0.3;
wb.slip = 5;
wb.mu = dInfinity;
Suppose we have a rubber floor:
rf.bounce = 0.1;
rf.slip = 0;
rf.mu = dInfinity;
If we sum corresponding values for the contact this seems to be more 
natural to me...

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