[ODE] angular velocity

Alireza h03alifn at du.se
Wed Jan 24 18:48:56 MST 2007


I tried to use the function "dJointGetAMotorAngleRate" on a created AMotor at a
Ball joint. And then my program gets aborted in the with this messagestart (of
course everything is ok without the use of dJointGetAMotorAngleRate):

   ODE INTERNAL ERROR: not yet implemented

Does anyone has an idea how to use dJointGetAMotorAngleRate, is it really not
implemented ?!!

The dBodyGetAngularVel gives global angular velocity, how can I convert this to
a given local system?

Or is there a better way to get local angular velocity?

Would be great if someone can help me!

Regards, Alireza!

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