[ODE] 0.8-rc1 released

Lode Vanacken lode.vanacken at uhasselt.be
Tue Jan 23 05:47:25 MST 2007

Gero Müller wrote:

>What about the trimesh collision code? Sometime ago Francisco Leon
>(gimpact) posted a fixes version of the collision code. it was not
>integrated into ode.
What exactly do you mean, I was not on the list yet when GIMPACT got added?
You can get a CVS version with gimpact..

> I use it in my project, and am very happy with it!
>Trimesh/Trimesh works exremly well (OPCODE). Whats the state of the
>current code?
The GIMPACT code seems to work, there is only an issue left with: 
which as far as I know is not solved yet.


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