[ODE] 0.8-rc1 released

Lode Vanacken lode.vanacken at uhasselt.be
Tue Jan 23 05:45:20 MST 2007

Gero Müller wrote:

>sometime ago i contributed the dMassSetTrimesh function. I forgot the
>center of mass calcuation though.
>Please add the following 3 lines in mass.cpp (line 406) to correct this
>   m->_I(0,2) = - density * TP[2];
>+  m->c[0] = T1[0] / T0;
>+  m->c[1] = T1[1] / T0;
>+  m->c[2] = T1[2] / T0;
>   # ifndef dNODEBUG
>does anybody except me use/test this function? 
I had tried this function when instead of only using ODE collision also 
use its physics.
But I got weird results and did not take the time to further 
investigate, maybe it was the missing
of this part that gave the weird results.

So I suppose some people do use it.


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