[ODE] body positions

Lewis Foster doof205 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 04:02:26 MST 2007

I'm playing around with ropes and ODE in general and im struggling with the
basics at the minute.

Basically, body.getPosition() returns a const dReal* to the internal data
structure right? and body.setPosition() takes 3 parameters for x,y and z. So
how do i get at the coordinates from the returned dReal* that getPosition()
gives me? I'm wanting to get the coords of one body so that i can apply them
to another body.

If anyone knows where there is some example code of a similar situation i'd
really appreciated it. I couldn't find anything in the test demo's or in the

Surely its common occurance to want to get a the location of one body and
apply similar coords to another body? Dynamically adding missiles to a plane
would require something like this surely, unless all missles are on the
plane from the start.

Thanks for any pointers,

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