[ODE] slippage

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Tue Jan 16 09:31:44 MST 2007

Typically, you "move" pieces of a model by applying force or torque to 
the pieces (assuming the pieces are modeled as bodies connected by joints).

To get a walking gait, you typically apply torques to the different 
joints (hip, knee) in an order and timing determined by a walk 
animation. Once you do this, and run the typical collision/contact joint 
creation/stepping/clearing joints loop, the model should walk, and you 
can tune the gait using the animation.

It sounds, however, as if your problem is "how does collision detection, 
joints, and physical dynamics simulation work," rather than something 
specific to a rag doll. You'll have to go read the documentation from 
start to finish, and then read the Wiki and FAQ areas, and then play 
around with various pieces of code, to get an understanding of that.


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chaya wrote:
> I made a rag doll. Everytime I move a leg forward the whole body slips 
> forward. I tried to had friction by still I get this slippage. Does 
> anyone has an idea how to solve that?
> Chaya.
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