[ODE] The pushing of a morphing model

Zanshin gzanshin at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 11:17:29 MST 2007

It's more a consecuence of a game's mechanics than a desired effect.

I want a sphere, a material cube, an ethereal cube and a cylinder to morph
into each other. The problem is that the morphs will ofter have to be done
while many pieces are stacked together and I simply want a way of solving
the positioning with the least interference in the objects' movement.

So, for the ethereal cube with a sphere occupying part of it's space, I
would like a force to push the sphere slowly so it stops almost exactly at
it's border and almost exactly when the cube is materialized.
For example, if cube and sphere (side = diameter = D) are at position 0, and
the transformation lasts for t seconds, I'd like the formula for a force
that stops the sphere at position D but with a "soft" movement, i.e.: slower
at first, fastest at D/2 and slower until it stops at D and the cube turns
solid, in contact with the sphere and without pushing it away.

The other problems are, of course, how to push while the rest of objects
morph. I hope to solve those with SoftCFM + increased ERP instead of having
to make intermediate meshes and colliding them normally.

On 1/15/07, Charlls Quarra <charlls_quarra at yahoo.com.ar> wrote:
> About c, it depends on really what you need it for. If
> you just need a visual effect of the etheral cube
> pushing away nearby objects, you could create a
> outward-pointing force field by creating an invisible
> geom of some shape around the cube, and all objects
> inside the geom feel the outward force that is greater
> near the center (try not to use inverse square laws
> since it can blow up objects near the center, or try
> 1/(1+r^2) which makes a finite force at the center
> if you want the ethereal cube to oscillate, you could
> sincronize the force with the same oscillation factor
> so the force is stronger when the cube is bigger
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