[ODE] First steps and collision management.

Justin Bailey jgbailey at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 09:42:01 MST 2007

On 1/13/07, Gonçalo Lopes <goncaloclopes at gmail.com> wrote:
> If a getter/setter environment is chosen, lots of needless copies may
> crop up, especially if other libraries are tucked in the same
> application (like Ogre or DirectX, each with their own math
> structures). I got scared at this when once, with other Ode wrapper, I
> witnessed that I was wasting more time just copying the positions of
> bodies to 3D objects' positions than actually stepping through the
> physics.

A very good point, and since this is used for simulation code I would
lean towards an  effecient, if not very ".net like", implementation.

> I haven't been able to think of a generic way to allow for
> specializations as of yet (there probably isn't one since everyone
> uses their own formats for data), but it took me just an afternoon to
> port everything for Mogre, and it probably wouldn't be much difficult
> to bring it for XNA as well, so there's plenty of room for
> experimentation.

A "specialized" version for XNA/DirectX would cover my needs, but
again - you don't want a lot of needless copying, etc.

> Thank you once again for trying it out,

Thanks for your effort in creating this wrapper. I was unable to get
any ODE simulation code working until I found your library. Yay!


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