[ODE] ODE and the STL - Pt. II

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 11 07:08:59 MST 2007

Hi, I've just integrated the optimisation patch to the heightfield
primitive (SVN #1145) sans any STL usage. This was an extra effort on
behalf of the author and that deserves some appreciation, in addition
to the fact that the heightfield primitive is now really quick!

However, the reason STL was used in the first place is that it is
actually already used in the code, specifically localised to the
convex hull primitive with a presence in 'collision_std.h'

What should be done about this? it seems wrong to leave it there after
making a fuss about STL for the heightfield patch in addition to all
of the reasons mentioned in the previous thread.

I don't recall seeing any messages from Rodrigo for a while, so I'm
not sure if this primitive is still being actively maintained...

Anyway, just thought I'd point out this ambiguity.

David Walters

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